Urban Net&Nest

SMART-WITHUS COWORKING SPACE COMPETITION http://top.aim-competition.com/aim_en/ Team: www.bigbrandlab.com Architects: Rodrigo Montoya, Felipe Guerrero. Colaborator: Aaron Croitoru. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: URBAN NET & NEST is a new designing concept for a coworking space located in the Highlight Design Center in Beijing. It is specially designed for the TOP AIM COMPETITION-SMART WITHUS -COWORKING SPACE. CONCEPT: The concept starts from defragmenting the traditional office spaces as they are known, with a new organizational and interactive system that emulates a working environment inspired in a micro-city. This idea allows everyone to “navigate” the office spaces as if they were in a downtown city. THE GOAL! The constant movement of people and a new way of interaction between them inside the office, will stimulate creativity and inspiration for everyone inside the office HOW? The layout of working spaces and the different types of experiences focused on generating creativity and inspiration, invite the users to move through the office all the time. This concept stimulates communication and human interaction, reflecting better results in efficiency, productivity, and the prospect of new businesses.

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